12/23: beyond the rainbow, 9pm-
        flappers, burbank, ca
12/19friends with benefits, 8pm-
        desert rose, los angeles, ca
11/28friends with benefits, 8pm-
        desert rose, los angeles, ca
11/25: beyond the rainbow, 9pm-
        flappers, burbank, ca
        desert rose, los angeles, ca
10/25tractor's scary stars, 8pm-
        all star lanes, los angeles, ca
10/24friends with benefits, 8pm-
        desert rose, los angeles ca
10/20: this is new!, 9pm-
        jumpstart cafe, studio city, ca
10/6: jon lovitz comedy club, 8pm-
        universal city, ca
        ventura harbor comedy club, ventura, ca
9/22: an evening with miss case, 8pm/10pm- 
        oh my ribs,  hollywood, ca
9/17: raising the bar, 7pm- 
        the duplex, new york, ny
9/16: electroshock therapy, 10pm-
        therapy, new york, ny
9/9:  beyond the rainbow, 9pm-
        flappers, burbank, ca
8/29: cocktails with the stars, guest co-host, 7pm
        micky's, west hollywood, ca
8/20: cornacchia's comedy corner, 9pm-
        molly malone's, los angeles, ca
7/24: drunk on stage, 8pm-
        akbar, silverlake, ca 
7/15: out in the valley, 7pm-
        flappers, burbank, ca      
7/12: open angst, 8pm
        republic of pie, noho, ca
6/26: bless your heart, 815pm-
        red rock, west hollywood, ca
6/10: beyond the rainbow, 9pm- 
        flappers, burbank, ca
5/1:  i'm just saying, 8pm- 
       hamburger marys, west hollywood, ca
4/27: oh my ribs, 830pm-
        hollywood, ca
4/21: benefit for the gay men's chorus LA, 9pm-
4/17: this is new, 8:30pm-
        lulu's beehive, studio city, ca
4/15: nonstop comedy flight, 7pm-
        spitfire grill, santa monica, ca 
4/12: "raising the bar" *solo show, 8pm- 
hollywood, ca 
4/2:  cornacchia's comedy corner, 10pm-            
        molly malones, los angeles, ca 
3/22: crispy comedy show, 8pm- 
        beauty bar
hollywood, ca
3/9:  the gay variety show, 8pm- 
        the palms barwest hollywood, ca
2/26: beyond the rainbow, 9pm- 
        flappersburbank, ca
2/9:  laugh out proud, 8pm- 
        martinis above 4thsan diego, ca
1/29: flash rave laff! mob, 730pm- 
        flappers, burbank, ca
1/12: comedy shedd, 9pm- 
        sheddyshollywood, ca
1/10: hamburger marys, 730pm-
        west hollywood, ca


10/2: flash rave laff! mob, 730pm- 
        flappers, burbank, ca
10/4: hamburger mary's, 8pm- 
        west hollywood, ca

10/6: crispy comedy show, 8pm- 
        beauty bar, hollywood, ca
10/9: non-stop comedy flight, 630pm- 
        spitfire grill, santa monica, ca 
10/11: milk, milk, lemonade, 830pm- 
        the palms, west hollywood, ca
10/15: laugh-a-latte, 8pm- 
        hot java coffee house, long beach, ca
10/21: the frank decaro show, 915 EST/1215 PDT, 
        sirius outq radio
10/23: beyond the rainbow, 9pm- 
        flappers, burbank, ca
10/27: sheddy's (a benefit for greenpeace), 9pm-  
         hollywood, ca
11/10: derek nicoletto's bday release- 9pm-
        the roxy, hollywood, ca
11/26: comedy off broadway- 8pm, 
         miss pearls jam house, san francisco, ca       
12/3: hamburger marys- 8pm-
         long beach, ca
12/8: gays r us- 8pm- 
        hollywood improv, los angeles, ca
12/15: sheddy's- 9pm-
        sheddy's bar, hollywood, ca
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